Tree and Stump Removals

Complete removal, stump and all!

At Tri-County Tree, our expert arborists are there to provide the best service when your tree is in need of removal. Specializing in skilled and secure tree care, we are there to help you decide what service is best for your trees. Although parting from a tree may be your last choice, it is sometimes necessary for a tree to come down due to damage or decay to ensure the safety of your family and your property.

What does it involve?

Utilizing the proper equipment with our reliable crews, you can count on Tri-County Tree to execute a safe and successful tree removal. We are available 24 hours a day, whenever there is an emergency, to ensure your safety around the clock. It is vital to contact a licensed arborist who is experienced in the perilous work of tree removal.

Tree Accessibility:

If you have a tree that has grown in an area with limited space, our expert team is fully capable of removing it. All of our arborists are fully trained and certified to climb trees, meaning even if there is no access to bring a bucket truck or any form of aerial lift, we are still suited to remove the tree.

Stump Removal:

After a tree is removed and cut flush to ground level, our customers are offered the option to get the stump ground below ground level. This allows for the homeowner to plant grass in this area in the future. Our stump grinder is capable of accessing a standard 36in. gate meaning we can enter even the smallests of backyards. It is also designed to leave zero turf damage so your landscapes are as pristine as it was when we first entered it.

Reasons to Consider Stump Removal:

  • Increases your property’s value
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Removes a potential hazard from your property
  • Leaves mulch that can be used in your landscape

*Public utilities will be marked by local agencies under Tri-County Tree’s instruction. The property owner is responsible for marking any irrigation lines and invisible fencing.

Hazard Assessment:

As your local tree experts, we are there to help you identify potential hazards that may be growing in your lawn. After evaluating the trees throughout your landscape, we will be able to provide you with a solution on the safest way to get rid of the dangers that may be lurking in your property.

  • Tree removal is necessary if any of the following signs are shown:
  • Branches that are dead or decaying
  • Exposed roots and sprouts emerging from the trunk of a tree
  • Vertical cracks and seams suggests trunk damage
  • Leaning trees
  • Tree is crowding other trees
  • Trees obstructing power lines
  • Tree root are damaging the foundation of your home
  • Tree roots are lifting surrounding sidewalk and driveway
  • Tree roots have grown into underground sewers

If any of these dangerous signs are present, it’s important to act right away as harsh weather can make these trees especially threatening, not knowing if a dead or dying branch will cause destruction. Tri-County Tree is available at any time for a reliable inspection that will satisfy your needs. Your safety is our number one concern and we will be ready to provide if you call us at (586) 615-7000.

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