Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Tree and Shrub Trimming, Pruning, Topping, and Shaping Services:

Our team of tree care specialists will ensure that your trees and shrubs are taken care of according to their specific needs, that only promotes growth and keeps them in ideal health.

Trimming and Pruning

Proper trimming and pruning provides a plethora of long-lasting benefits for your trees. Removing damaged branches can immensely improve tree health by preventing further decay, which overall protects your family and property. It would also enhance the appearance and structure of your trees, keeping it from growing weak or wide branches.

Our team of tree care specialists will ensure that your tree is taken care of according to its specific needs, that only promotes tree growth and keeps your trees in ideal health. It is assured that each crew member of Tri-County Tree is trained and experienced in desired tree trimming and pruning. It is our duty that we satisfy all of our customers’ requirements while guaranteeing the tree is in optimal shape.


Tri-County Tree also offers tree topping as a service, which can make your trees look more pleasing and improve the overall charm of your landscape. Topping is a more intensive method of pruning, which involves clearing larger limbs from the trunk or cutting the main body of the trunk to bring it down to a determined height. The advantages of tree topping include helping young trees grow, increasing safety if you live in a location that receives intense winds or thunderstorms, or simply reducing shade.


Here at Tri-County Tree, we are artisans when it comes to shaping trees. The greatest thing about shaping is that it allows for both the shape and size of a tree to be controlled. Mature trees that have been shaped properly in their youth seldom need trimming to shape, but when trees have lost branches in storms or have grown faster on one side due to root damage, the remaining branches can be reduced to re-shape the tree.

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