Seasoned firewood for your winter needs!

Since Tri-County Tree removes trees from Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties, we are an exceptional source for seasoned firewood. You can count on us to provide you with split and dry hardwood firewood that’s ready for your winter needs!

What Type of Wood do you Offer?

All of our wood comes from trees we remove from our customers; this allows us to keep the hardwoods for firewood and recycle the softwoods for mulch. Our firewood is a mixture of apple, maple, oak, locust, ash, cherry, hickory, birch, and walnut.

Stacked or Dumped?

Here at Tri-County Tree, we offer our customers the choice between getting their firewood stacked or dumped. If you would just like your firewood delivered and dumped, we can unload it on your driveway for you. However, if you’d prefer to have our employees stack it for you, they are more than able to whether you own a firewood rack or not.

What is a Face Cord?

Many customers when they call to place an order of firewood are unsure of what the difference is between a cord and a face cord. A face cord is 4 foot in height 8 foot in length and the depth is the length of a piece of firewood so anywhere for 14-18 inches. A cord consists of 3 face cords so it is 4 foot in height 8 foot in length and the depth is anywhere from 42 to 54 inches deep.


Firewood is available for delivery by the face cord. Contact us today at (586) 615-7000 for some of the best firewood in the tri-county area.

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